Screen Layout

The Malwarebytes program interface is designed around a screen layout which is simplified and uncluttered. We want to make it easy for you to configure the program to serve your needs, and we hope this layout helps you do that. The screenshot below shows the Malwarebytes user interface, showing the Dashboard — the screen you see when Malwarebytes is launched for the first time.

Let's talk about the primary elements which make up our user interface.

Menu Pane

The Menu Pane contains the main program options, which will be discussed in detail in this guide. They consist of:

In addition, there are settings for Account information. While in Premium Trial mode, options are present to buy the Premium subscription, and to Activate the program. Once you have purchased a subscription, those two options will revert to a single option which handles details of your account. More on those later.

Status/Option Pane

When the Dashboard is selected from the Menu Pane, the center of the screen is filled with the Status Pane. It is designed to give you quick information that tells you whether there is anything for you to be concerned about. When the Dashboard is selected, the Detail Pane is also displayed. More on that momentarily. When any menu option other than the Dashboard is selected, all space except the space used by the Menu Pane is allocated to the selected menu option. This provides sufficient room for information pertaining to any menu option to be cleanly displayed.

Detail Pane

The Detail Pane is shown only when the Dashboard is selected. It shows information on protection options, protection updates, and detail pertaining to the most recent scan. This information is shown on other screen displays as part of the menu option selected by the user, but are all displayed here for quick recognition.

Let's continue by looking at the Dashboard in more detail.