Each time Malwarebytes is launched, the first page visible to the user is the Dashboard. It is designed to provide program status, and to act as a launch pad for all program operations.

A screenshot of the user interface — featuring the Dashboard — is shown below for reference.

Status Pane

The main area of the screen is the Status Pane, providing current system status. Within the Main Window, the first item displayed is the Status Banner. This banner displays a status message along with an icon, whose color is based on program status. The color is meant to alert the user to conditions which may require intervention. Colors used are similar to traffic stop signals — green simply indicates a good status; orange indicates a warning of a condition which may become more severe over time; red indicates that your immediate attention is needed. Following is a full list of status messages. If a recommended method of correcting the problem is immediately available, it will appear as a functional button on the banner itself.

Real-Time Protection

This item shows the status for each of the four Real-Time Protection features. If you are in Premium Trial mode, it is enabled unless you click the End Premium Trial button. Please note that real-time protection is enabled only for Malwarebytes Premium and Malwarebytes Premium Trial users. This feature is not available if you are using the Free version.

Settings are accessed by clicking the small gear at the top right of the Real-Time Protection panel. When clicked, the Settings screen will be displayed, allowing access to all program settings. Please refer to the Settings portion of this guide for complete information on this topic.

Scan Status

This panel shows your scanning activity at a glance. You can easily see when the last scan was completed, when the next scan is scheduled, and the status of your protection updates. There are four icons on the title bar of this panel, as shown here:

A description for each icon is as follows.

Protection History

This panel shows three key statistics. It shows how many items were scanned, how many threats were detected during scans, and how many threats were detected by real-time protection. Please note that the number of items scanned includes individual files that are part of archive files, as well as components in dynamic link library (DLL) files. Also note that real-time detections can only occur in Premium and Premium Trial modes.