Scan Schedule

You may also adjust scan schedules here as part of program settings. This aspect of program settings has already been covered here.


This tab allows additions to, or deletions from a list of items to be excluded from scans. The list may include files, folders, websites, applications which connect to the Internet, or previously detected exploits. A screenshot is shown below.

Clicking the Add Exclusion button launches the Add Exclusion Wizard, as shown below.

You may then add items — one at a time — to the list of exclusions. Each item type is defined by criteria as follows:

You may also add exclusions by clicking the link in the notification message displayed whan a website is blocked by Malwarebytes Website Protection.

My Account

Here, you can click the button to obtain status for all of your subscriptions, and change preferences related to your account. You can also deactivate your license — useful when moving your Malwarebytes program to a new computer — or change license key. A screenshot is shown below.

All of the information shown here is self-explanatory. A set of option buttons are available at the bottom of the screen. The options vary depend on the mode of the program. Buttons for the three program modes are shown below.

Premium Mode
Premium Trial Mode
Free Mode
Free Mode
options (*)

When Malwarebytes was installed, Premium Trial mode was set automatically (if you were eligible for a trial). There may be circumstances where you have the option of re-entering Premium Trial mode. This would result in the second Free mode display. If you click the button Change License Key (Premium mode) or I Already Have a License (Premium Trial or Free mode), you will see the following screen superimposed over the Malwarebytes interface.

Follow screen instructions to enter your license information. If you do not have a license, either press Cancel (to close this window and return to the screen you came from), or Purchase a License to go to the Malwarebytes website and purchase a license for the product.


This tab tells you more about Malwarebytes, and what resources are available to you should you need technical assistance. The upper panel contains Version Information. We have split up the program into software components. If you have configured the program to provide program updates, it is easier and faster for us to provide the newest version to you by updating the components that have changed, rather than updating the entire program. It also benefits you if you need technical support, because the versions of each component may influence the direction that our Customer Success engineers take when troubleshooting an issue.

The Resources section provides contact addresses (URLs) which may assist you for sales, support, and educational purposes. In addition, you can view the third-party notices (open source software which we use in our products) as well as a link to our End User Licensing Agreement (EULA).