When executing scans (on-demand or as part of real-time protection), some programs, files or registry keys may have been categorized as threats. At that time, they were removed from the disk location where they were stored, placed in quarantine, and modified so that they could not pose a threat to your computer. There may be items which fall into this category, but are not malicious. It is up to individual users to research and make this determination. Upon entry to the Quarantine option, you are presented with the screen shown here.

Quarantined items are shown in a table format, with pertinent information presented to help you determine what action needs to be taken. Each item listed has a checkbox in the leftmost column. Check the checkbox to restore or delete the item. Please note that the Restore and Delete buttons are greyed out until items are selected. If you wish to apply the same action to all quarantined items, select the checkbox in the table header and click Restore or Delete. Please be aware that quarantined items which are not deleted or restored will continue to be visible here until action is taken.